Zodiacs That Are Most Likely To Be Unfaithful In A Relationship

Zodiacs That Are Most Likely To Be Unfaithful In A Relationship

  27 Aug 2020

Unfaithfulness and disloyalty in a relationship isn’t a trait limited to a certain group of people. People who cheat are as varied as you can imagine in different aspects of life and that is the same for the reasons behind their decision to cheat.

It is also important to know that everyone has the capacity to cheat. But the ability to stay disciplined and loyal to your partner plays a big factor in whether you will fall into that trap or not.

When it comes to astrology, we can say that there are 5 top signs that are most likely to cheat on their partners. This also doesn’t take anything away from their characters as human beings as we know that individuals also has differences even within a zodiac sign.


The Cancers are very much in touch with their emotions. They are also very dedicated hard-working folk who tend to pursue excellence in all aspects of their lives.

When it comes to relationships, Cancers are known to be very much invested in the progress and sustenance of the relationship. They do so emotionally and otherwise.

But their loyalty begins to fade when they perceive that their partners aren’t as emotionally committed to the relationship as they are. They will get frustrated because they are giving so much and getting so little in return.

And so that could lead them to look elsewhere while still in the relationship. They may not want to break the relationship themselves so as not to hurt you and so would instead cheat.

To prevent that as a partner to a Cancer, put in an effort to shower them with as much love as they invest into the relationship. That is the best way to feel appreciated and valued. Get that, and you won’t have to worry about their loyalty.


Pisces are known for their daydreaming and fantasies. And in their fantasy world, they tend to remove all barriers. There they could be the innocent partner or the big bad wolf.

Now, combining that with the fact that they also are very passionate about sexual beings, there is a high chance that they must have fantasized about cheating.

And when it gets to that point, it is only a matter of time before they begin to act out their thoughts.

It is also important to note that when they cheat on their partners, their empathic side makes them feel horrible about what they did, and so they try to make things right.

But then again they fall back into the same things that got them to the point of regret. The only true way to get them out of that rot as a partner is to encourage them to play out their fantasies in the bedroom. If they do that, then they would be less likely to go elsewhere.


The Leo needs are to be the center of attention, and so they will not feel comfortable in a relationship where they aren’t treated like royalty.

And so their eyes could wander off if they are faced with such a situation. This is something that is characteristic of the Leo; they don’t like to accept the status quo if it presents them with an unpleasant experience.

And so if that unpleasant experience they have is a direct or indirect result of them engaging in a relationship, trust them to move on before even officially ending the relationship.

They are usually good at this partly because of their huge egos and their audacity to look for whatever it is they want.


For the Aquarius, their gifts are also their curse on this issue. They are known to love variety. That comes in experiences such as traveling and having hobbies. That helps them live very exciting lives, but that gift can be the bane of existence when it comes to things that need commitment and consistency to last or succeed.

A relationship is definitely one of those things, and so they have to struggle with their addiction to the ”shiny new thing”.

If and when they eventually do cheat, they get overwhelmed with regret and try to amend things with the partner they hurt. But that guilt isn’t enough to keep them in check, instead spicing up a relationship with an Aquarius is a much more effective way to keep them faithful.


The Capricorn likes to be in a relationship with someone who is very appreciative of their effort in building the relationship. They really don’t cheat just for the fun of it and will instead try to make their relationships work.

And only in extreme situations of neglect in a relationship will they cheat with someone who can fill that void.

Finally, we all should take our relationships seriously. We should get to know our partners well – what they like, what they don’t, and things that make them tick. That way, we can better support our partners.

Also, we should be very careful when we tread paths that could potentially lead to cheating. It is a lot honorable to end a relationship than staying in one while going for another.

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