Things Women Do That Turn Men Off ( And Have No Clue About)

Things Women Do That Turn Men Off ( And Have No Clue About)

  08 Aug 2020

3.  Over Crowding His Personal Space

Men naturally retire to themselves sometimes and just want to be alone. They are analytical and need some time away from the noise of the world to think through and proffer solutions to issues bothering them.

As women, we need to know sometimes that the man would not always want to talk and when he is having a bad time, it’s best to allow him some space to sort himself out. He will ‘definitely’ come out of it a better person and possibly explain why he needed to withdraw.

We need to understand our men and know how to manage them. Else probing them too much or not respecting their need for personal space could be a huge turn off for guys in relationships.

Some women make the mistake of telling their husbands the story of a bad day when he had his share of some trouble at work. It is normal to want to share your burdens but don’t overburden your man. Allow him some time to rest when he returns from work, watch his mood, it will give you cues on how to relate with him and alleviate his mood.

4.  Not Paying Attention To Your Looks

Every man wants a woman he can show off. He is attracted by beauty and has on his priority list for his woman to be presentable always even after the kids start rolling in. It’s heartbreaking to see how men long for their wives to remain the beauty queen they married only for the women to turn out looking even older than their mothers.

Some do not pay attention to personal hygiene- they leave the house dirty and unkempt all in the name of taking care of the kids. Others stop dressing the way they used to before they got married because they feel they have won the trophy and do not need to do anything to keep it.

Men love beautiful things, nice smells, cute hairdo, and dressing. Flaunt your figure when you are at home with him, wear bum shorts or anything you feel comfortable in, not tying wrapper or wearing oversized clothes because you are at home. It could be alluring to put on your partner’s clothing boxer or singlets even if it’s oversized. Make efforts to keep being the baby girl he met and fell in love with.

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