10 Obvious Signs You Are Not Compatible With Your Partner

10 Obvious Signs You Are Not Compatible With Your Partner

  06 Aug 2020

What is compatibility in a relationship? Ramxo Khan defined compatibility in a relationship as the ability to be truly happy with one another.

Though every relationship starts off as a result of partners thinking they love one another, the truth is, they can be happy with one another without being in love. On the other hand, partners have known to be in love but break up after only a few months due to a lack of compatibility.

Some experts have argued through research that the personality factor influences the compatibility of partners. Others have objected and declared that while that may be the case, the personality may not be the determining component of whether partners are compatible or not.

Furthermore, the fact there is a correlation between personality and successful relationships is not to say such a correlation is the cause.

In light of all these, intending partners should take into consideration both personality factors, love factors and every other factor which they deem necessary in making their choice of partners.

While it is safe to advise partners to come to a compromise in terms of their characters in other to become compatible with their partners, it is practically injurious to their personalities to do just that.

It is thus safe to advise partners that before they get to meet their boyfriends, girlfriends or spouse, they should choose partners who are more compatible with their lifestyles rather than just depending on love.

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