Complete Guide Of Onlyfans for Beginners 2021

Complete Guide Of Onlyfans for Beginners 2021


Onlyfans is a new social media platform, which is focused on entertaining its audience via a subscription-based program.
It’s the Netflix of social media platform, where you pay and watch the content.

The business model of onlyfans is simple, create your account and you can charge whoever wants to see your content, content is mostly 18+.

Content creators are paid for the content they post, which is a good opportunity for all digital content creators. if you have an Instagram account or Twitter account you can promote your onlyfans account and start earning money.

What is an onlyfan used for

An adult social media platform, where people over 18+ can post their photos and videos and they charge money for it.

How to make an onlyfans account.

Go to, click on sign up. Fill in the required details like your email address, your name, username, and password.
make sure you put your working email as you need to confirm it.
Choose a strong password, a password that you don’t use anywhere else.
With the recent hacks happening all over the world, it’s a good practice that you put a strong password.

How much can you make on onlyfans.

Sky is the limit, you can earn as much as you want. Onlyfans top earner is username ” Jem wolfie “.
She earned 255k$ in November 2020.  She used her Instagram account to send fans to her account via Instagram Swipe up.

Instagram gives you the Swipe-up option to put a link once you reach 10k followers.
Instagram 54 Million Impressions weekly, Jem ranked herself #1 in the WORLD on the social media platform Only Fans.

How to be successful on onlyfans

you can be successful on any social media platform if you are active and consistently posting content. use all social media platforms like Facebook pages, Twitter account, your Instagram account, and Snapchat account to send your potential customers to your account.

Keep posting sneak peek on Snapchat and Instagram stories, the more you are creative with your content the more people will want to see all the good content on your only fans account.

Consistency is the key, so you need to be actively posting on all your accounts daily in order to earn money from onlyfans.

How to get free only Fans

You can get free access to your favorite model content if you get in touch with her/him on Snapchat.
most models are regularly posting their content on Snapchat too, so if you are polite you can get all the content for free or at a discounted price.
good luck

How to hack onlyfans account.

you can’t hack onlyfans account, they are one of the most secure sites you can across.
They are secure via their SSL certificates and all the kunaback algorithmic security.
You better pay and watch all the content.

How does onlyfans show up on the bank

Everyone wants to be secure and don’t want to be caught red-handed by their friends and partner.
when you pay to access the content of your favorite model, your bank account only shows an online purchase on your statement.
so you are safe, keep browsing, keep loving your favorite model.
as they are putting a lot of effort, creating all those quality videos and Best Views for their audience.

How to download onlyfans videos

it’s not a good practice to download someone else content, but in case if you want to download the video.
iPhone users when download onlyfans app, they can turn on screen-recording and open the video, watch it till the end, turn off the screen recording.
now go to your image gallery and there you go, you will have the video saved there.
Andriod users can download any screen recorder from the google app store and can follow the steps as above.

What to post on onlyfans

you can post anything and everything. from your private body parts photos to your feet photos.
make sure you take quality photos so that your audience is well entertained. the better the quality of your content the more you will get subscribers.

How to download from onlyfans

iPhone user can access myfans website via Safari or google chrome, Apple does not allow the publication of the OnlyFans App in its App Store because of the adult content the onlyfans audience post.

Andriod users Click here.



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