8 Things Every Woman Must Do After   Intercourse

8 Things Every Woman Must Do After Intercourse

  12 Aug 2020

We never really think about the good and bad things of having intercourse, but the most
important thing is to keep the private areas clean and healthy. The infections which usually
appear are because of the unhealthy habits of the person.

Here are 8 things you need to do after having

intercourse. In this way, your private area won’t
have infections and it will be healthy!


There can be some bacteria which go into your
private parts during intercourse because the
area is moist and warm which is what bacteria
actually need so that they could multiply.
It’s important to pee during the first hour after
you’ve had intercourse so that you could avoid
a bladder infection that is painful. You’ll flush
this area. Don’t forget to wipe it from the front
towards the back! This will help you avoid fecal

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