6 Things You Do In A Relationship That Push Your Partner Away.

6 Things You Do In A Relationship That Push Your Partner Away.

  22 Aug 2020

It can be very easy to overlook the many flaws and destructive behaviors that a person can exhibit especially when you’re in love with them. Love has the power to blind us from all the bad effects that those near and dear to our hearts can have on our lives. It’s all a part of falling in love. You learn to grow accustomed to overlooking or ignoring the many ways that your partner is bad for you just because you choose to focus on the positives.

While it’s good to be patient and lenient in a relationship, if these bad behaviors go unchecked, they could potentially lead to the demise of a romance. You have to remember that everyone has a breaking point. Everyone has their limits.

All of the negative feelings that you ignore can build up inside of you without you even being fully aware of it. And over time, that build-up becomes very significant to the point where you can’t ignore it anymore and you end up breaking; bursting like a balloon. We all have different breaking points. Some of us are going to be more tolerant than others.

But the point here is that breaking points do exist and it would be foolish to not pay them any mind throughout the course of a relationship. You have to maintain a sense of self-awareness to ensure that neither you or your partner ever reach that breaking point in your romance.

There are plenty of perfectly good romances that end abruptly just because they neglected how they were treating one another. They failed to recognize the impacts of their actions on each other. So if you feel like you are also guilty of not really understanding the effect of your actions on your partner, then this list is for you. Here are six things that you do in a relationship that push your partner farther away from you.

1. You fail to give your partner the support that they need in life.

Remember that a relationship is also a partnership. It can never just be all about yourself and your personal needs. You have to be accommodating of the needs of your partner as well. You have to recognize that your partner has dreams and goals off their own. And like you, they will need the occasional push towards their dreams. You have to be able to act as their teammate and their cheerleader.


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