5 Easy Tips To Make Him Addicted To You

5 Easy Tips To Make Him Addicted To You

  11 Aug 2020

5 Easy Tips To Make Him Addicted To You

I hear people say men are complex but I
choose to differ on this because once the male
psyche is understood, you can easily access
him. The key on how to make him want you is to
understand what a man really wants, know what
you can do to attract him and arm yourself with
those things so you pull him to you instead of
scaring him away.
Men’s behaviour can be so confusing especially
in the beginning of relationships and can keep
you guessing if he really wants you or not. I
know what it feels like to go on dates, return
from them feeling like you have got your man
and then you find yourself waiting for days
without a call back from them.
Another key is to work at being an irresistible
woman and this means different things to
different men. What makes a man want you
actually goes deeper than you can imagine.
In this post, I will be letting you in on what many
guys look forward to having in their “dream
woman” but hardly ever talk to you about. This
will bring about a ripple effect that once these
traits are available in you, they will make him
fall in love with you and also want to make him
want you again which will, in turn, bring about
addiction to you.
Try to keep your eyes fixed on this post to the
very end, try not to blink (laughs) else you will
miss something great. I’d be exposing to
several important keys to knowing and
understanding your man on a more intimate
level so you know how to make him want you
and also help you get the kind of relationship
you have always wanted with your significant
I’m sorry if I’m moving too fast, but I can’t wait
to expose a long-secret that is in the open yet
hidden within plain sight from most women.
Want to know how to make him want you?
Come with me.

1. Be Playful

This may sound like a big joke but it is one of
the traits most men love to see in their women.
Life is already too serious and needs some
comic relief to ease tension and breathe.
Most men desires a lady who is fun to be with,
has a good sense of humour, one laughs at his
jokes and sees life as fun generally. This
doesn’t make you unserious girl but instead
presents you as a lady who has a lot to make
your world pleasant to be in.
Lady, most men crave interesting women who
create fun and are fun to be with themselves,
women who can play like kids, run around the
house with them, throw pillows at them when
they are not looking, who can play hide and
seek and also tickle them.
Just be playful with ease, if it’s not in your
nature, learn a few tips and try them when you
are with your man. Women are known to be
manipulative and I know when a woman wants a
man, she won’t stop at anything until she gets
Am I asking you to go out of your way? Not
really, I’m saying just be you but learn how to be
playful and put some reasons for laughter in
your man’s world. That’s the bottom line. This is
how to make him want you and how to make
him miss you. Don’t be boring, it will kill his
interest in you

2. Show Your Sensual Side

Do you want to know how to make him want
Admire him, let him know he looks good and that
you desire him. You can further drive this home
by talking in a sensual manner, looking at him
also in a sensual manner. Give him that look he
can hardly ever interpret. If you are a couple,
take control of your man.
How do you welcome him when he returns from
work? Wear something cute and wait for him at
the door. Welcome him with something sensual
that will make his imagination grow wild. Employ
the use of words, you could call him up at work
and out some thoughts in his head that will
make him want to come home immediately.
If you are yet to be a couple and are still testing
the waters, you could try blindfolding him and
have him touch your body parts and ask him to
name the part he feels he’s touching (play
comes in here again).
Another way you can show your sensual side is
by offering your man a massage, be confident
in yourself and show it in the way you dress
and walk, you can try dancing for him too, try
belly dancing or even hip hop.
Last of all, take care of yourself, from the way
you dress, smell and even look. It’s your body,
love it, nourish it, self-care and don’t let go of
who you are. Don’t depend on what anyone
says about you, it’s good that they appreciate
you but learn to say sweet words to yourself
Whenever I’m stressed I go shopping, get
myself a card, address it to me, get new pants
and also call myself sweet names. Learn to
reward yourself when you hit a milestone, it will
help how you feel about yourself. Call yourself
sweet names and learn to live it.

3. Care For Him

I’ve had a couple of make friends tell about
themselves and their relationships and it hurts
to hear a man say “my wife doesn’t know how
to take care of a man”. I’ve had male friends
ask me out just because of the care I’ve shown
them even as just being friends.
Why am I saying this? You don’t need to be in a
relationship to show care, why not care for the
male figures in your life like your father or even
brothers? When you truly care as a lady you
will attract the opposite gender naturally. You
will only need to watch out for red flags so you
don’t get used or taken advantage of. Be a
woman that sees and understands with her
A lady who sees her man in a bad mood and
even before he begins to narrate his ordeal
gives him a big hug and whispers reassuring
words into his ears. Come on, who won’t want
such a woman? Every man needs her in his
Want to know how to make a man think of me
all the time? Then be a lady who is nurturing in
nature, one who looks out for her man’s well
being by calls, early morning or even late-night
texts checking on your man and I bet he will
reciprocate. This is how to make him want you
over text, when you do, he will respond also.

4. Be Independent

Yes! Now we are heading into more serious
stuff. You want to know how to make him want
you and also know how to make him adore
you? The key is letting him know you have
something going for you, you are not stagnant,
neither are you empty but you are industrious
and have your acts together.
This goes in two ways because most men
prefer their lady to be under them by this I mean
most men are scared when their ladies are
independent. It makes some of them feel
insecure like their women won’t need them.
On the other hand, when you are independent
as a lady, when you have and run your life,
when you are employed and busy, when you
love yourself and keep going with life and not
minding your man too much, it attracts him and
makes him hooked to you. He begins to see
you as an asset and not a liability, he knows he
will have so much to lose should you decide to
take a walk.
Ladies, learn not to tie your worth to any man.
Learn to be strong for yourself, that way you
won’t be looked down upon and when your man
loses strength (yes, we all do), you can step
into his shoes and be strong for him.
A man who has a woman who encourages,
motivates and helps him stay up is blessed.
Ladies, be that woman who has her life going
and not one who is stuck and waiting for a man
to bring some speed and order into her life, no
I can read your mind even as I write this, you
are asking won’t your man be intimidated? We,
gold doesn’t emit less value for those who can’t
afford it, never. This isn’t to make you arrogant
in your achievement also. Just be all you can
be. The key is to exude feminist, when a man
sees a blend of this in you, I bet he will never
want to let you go but instead have you all to
Be a woman of ideas and innovations that your
man clinched to when he needs inspiration. It
may seem all complicated but while you are with
him, he should know you have a life of your own
and this will make him want you more.

5. Build Your Conversation With Him

A relationship without communication will soon
hit the rocks as a lot of assumptions will come
in which could birth wrong behaviour and
actions. Let your conversations be
multifaceted, bring up talks about yourself and
general issues.
Conversing with your man should go beyond
inquiries and feedbacks, instead communicate
in a way that will make him open up to you. Let
him feel safe and comfortable being with you.
Don’t tell him when he does wrong. Allow him to
be himself, don’t judge him when he cries,
compliment him and give him an example of
what it means to be vulnerable (be sure of who
you are with before you do this).
You could take a walk sometimes with him to
make him open up to you, watch couples series
together, while at this talk to him and keep him
company, in no time, he will borrow a leaf from
you and learn to open up. The more care you
show him, the more secure he will feel and the
more likely he will open to you.
Don’t throw tantrums when he falls short or
does the unexpected else you will be shutting
him down for future conversations. Let him
know your love and care about him, be
extravagant with love words, be affectionate,
only then can he be vulnerable with you.
This is just a glimpse of what to do and how to
make him miss you and commit. Doing all of
these genuinely and not just because you need
his attention will make you stand out from his
list of women especially if he has wandering
eyes. It will raise your value and also draw him
to you always, not only when he needs a raise
in his emotions.
Be that irresistible woman and you will have him
all over you. I don’t guarantee that this will
always work especially if you are in competition
with other ladies for his heart. Ladies, learn to
do your best and leave the rest if he doesn’t
come through it means the best is on his way.
Remember the best is meant for you, don’t
settle for less.

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  1. This was very inspiring!! It hit really close to home. I’m going to take this advice and resources and use them to help me get my man!!!! Thank you so very much for
    this helpful info and I wish myself the best of luck!!!

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