10 Things Wealthy People Do Differently That Most People Don’t Realize

10 Things Wealthy People Do Differently That Most People Don’t Realize

  08 Dec 2020

Whether you’re talking about Bill Gates or Bruce Wayne, the lives of the wealthy fascinate the rest of us.

The world of the rich and famous seems like it’s a million miles away, but did you know that that isn’t the case.

Here are 10 things wealthy people do that you can start doing today!

1. Be more selective about your friends

Wealthy people are selective about who they bring into their social circles. It’s not enough to be likable or funny if you want to become more than a passing acquaintance. The value and business a person can bring into their lives is what matters most.

Be careful about who you spend a lot of your time with. If someone isn’t making your life better, then a wealthy person would recommend choosing better friends and associates.

2. Avoid bad friends, embrace good ones

Similar to the first point, but nuanced in that even among the friends who are on an upward trajectory, there may be bad seeds. The dangerous part about having a lot of wealth is how your relationships can change. Many wealthy people lack a large pool of close friends since many people are only interested in their money. So when they find friends that are there for them, they become cherished and important. Everyone else is an associate at best.

It’s always better to not have someone as a friend if they are a drain on your mood or resources.

3. Don’t let bias keep you away from opportunities

Successful people don’t let first impressions keep them from participating with colleagues. For example, if a vegan is invited to a colleague’s BBQ, then they would be more likely to go. Most colleagues will understand if you don’t eat meat along with the other guests, but showing up shows that you can be a team player.

Success is all about moving beyond your comfort levels and that’s one of the big secrets to wealthy living.

4. Learn to identify talent and overcome pride

It’s easy to compare your success to others and worry about who is smarter or better at doing their jobs. But wealthy people don’t care if they are smarter than the people around them. The most successful persons are more concerned with identifying the experts around them, so they can form powerful social groups that can help when needed.

You can do this today by taking steps to identifying people with unique talents and strengths and befriending them.

5. No one likes a showoff

They say that you can tell the difference between new money and old money based on how they dress. Longtime wealthy families don’t go out of their way to show off their wealth. They’ll wear clothes that look great wherever they go rather than expensive brands just to show off. Not only do you keep money out of your relationships longer, but it shows humility.

If you have ever felt the need to show off your new possessions, take a step back and reconsider why you’re doing it.

6. Never stop learning

You might wonder why wealthy people bother working or learning if they have everything they could ever need. That comes from realizing that without effort and self-motivation they’ll never really grow as people. Wealthy people are more likely motivated by a drive to better themselves than to survive the economy.

Find a goal that you’re doing for your own self-improvement and take steps to make it happen.

7. Trust in proven experts

When a wealthy person comes across a problem, for example how to repair an appliance or keep a bird from attacking their car, they’ll consult an expert. It may save them money if they read about these issues on their own, but the time they could save in having the job done right the first time is far more important.

If you own your business you can even apply this to yourself by finding tasks that you don’t like and hiring someone to do them.

8. Don’t ask if you can afford it. Instead ask…

For a wealthy person, the question “Can I afford this” never comes up. Instead they think about whether a purchase will add value to their lives. Anything that doesn’t bring improvement becomes low priority if it isn’t taken off the shopping list entirely. If you do want something that isn’t important, then consider shopping around for better deals.

Before you buy something that isn’t crucial, ask yourself if it’s adding something meaningful to your life. If the answer is no, maybe put it back on the shelf.

9. Embrace technology to make your life easier

Wealthy people were among the first to decide that smart phone technology were must haves in their lives. Not only are these great phones, but apps can allow them to take total control of their home and appliances at the push of a button. Imagine the time you can save if you can start your appliances before you even enter the room.

If you can’t afford smart devices, then consider ways you shortcut your daily routine.

10. Money doesn’t buy happiness but it can buy…

Wealthy people are very willing to treat themselves. Not only is this a good mental health practice, but it lets them enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Money may not buy happiness, but it’s handy for buying the foods, tickets, or trips that you want.

Make sure you put a space in your budget for treats and fun things for you and your family. This includes those wild vacations that you’ve always dreamed of.

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