10 Simple And   Useful Ways– How To Forget Someone

10 Simple And Useful Ways– How To Forget Someone

  13 Aug 2020

The fact that you’re reading this is proof that
you’re interested in getting over someone.
However, you may have had trouble trying to do
so on your own. That shouldn’t be a surprise.
When you first fall in love with someone, it can
feel like they are your entire world. You meet
someone that you’re interested in and you start
to believe that you have a lot of things in
common. You establish a kind of connection
between the two of you and you don’t want to
let it go. This is ultimately what it feels like to fall
in love. It’s meting an extension of who you are
outside of your person
You have that connection and you build on it to
the best of your abilities. You consider your
relationship to be the most important aspect of
your life at that point. Although, over time, you
begin to notice that things turn sour in the
relationship. Things aren’t as ideal as they once
were anymore. The feelings of love,
appreciation, and joy that you once had have
now turned into resentment, depression, and
anger. You know that something is wrong and
that there is a need for change in the

A Relationship Turned Sour

Unfortunately, this happens way too often in a
lot of relationships. While you might feel and
look like a perfect couple at the start, things
aren’t always going to stay that way. In the end,
you end up getting your heartbroken. It doesn’t
even matter if it’s you who initiates the breakup
or if it’s your partner who does it. Breakups are
always messy. They’re very difficult to recover
from. This is especially true if you’re the one
who was broken up with or if you never
developed any kind of closure in your

But that’s not all. There are a variety of factors
that go into making a breakup one of the most
terrible and difficult ordeals you could ever go
through. Think about it. When you first fall in
love, you grow very attached. You don’t just
grow attached to the person you are with. You
also grow attached to the relationship that you
are in. Most people become attached to certain
feelings and sensations that are associated
with being in love. This is what makes love so
amazing and worthwhile. However, it is also
what makes breakups so devastating whenever
they occur. You are forced to say goodbye to
so many things that you’ve grown accustomed

Is It Possible to Move On?

The short answer is yes, it’s quite possible to
move on from someone you love. However, it’s
not all that simple. In fact, for a lot of people,
the art of moving on and getting over is an
incredibly complex task. Sure, there are a few
people out there who have a good grip on their
feelings and can move on from heartbreak
relatively quickly and easily. However, for the
most part, people are generally going to have a
hard time dealing with breakups. This is why
people like yourself might resort to articles like
this that could help you with coping with your

Of course, you could always seek the help of a
licensed professional to deal with your
emotions. However, not everyone has the time
or money to be able to afford such a privilege.
This is why articles like this are designed to be
as helpful as can be. All you need to do is follow
the tips that are going to be listed down here so
that you have your best shot at regaining some
sense of normalcy in your life. You must be able
to gain control over your feelings and emotions
so that they don’t end up controlling you.

Dangers of Not Addressing Your Feelings

If you are skeptical of the entire process, don’t
be. You should be further incentivizing yourself
to do your best in moving on from your ex as
much as possible. If not, then you put yourself
at a severe risk of damaging your own mental
and emotional health. This is the biggest danger
involved in not moving on and getting over
someone. Ultimately, it can affect the way that
you end up living your life. And you certainly
don’t want that. You always want to ensure that
you are a mentally and emotionally stable
human being.

Another reason that you want to make sure that
you address your feelings is for the sake of
your relationships. This doesn’t just have to
deal with your relationship (or lack thereof) with
your ex. It also has to deal with the relationship
that you have with your friends, family, and
potential future lovers. If you don’t make an
effort to get over the person you love, it can
impact the way that you interact with other
people. There may be a lot of unresolved
issues within you that could keep you from
having healthy relationships with the most
important people in your life.

How to Get Over Someone

Now, you fully understand the gravity of your
situation. It’s now time for you to learn the
different steps or methods that are involved in
getting over someone that you love. Before you
start, it’s important to know that you shouldn’t
rush through any of these processes.
Sometimes, even when you try something out, it
can take some time before you see any results.
Just try your best to stay as patient as
possible. In the end, if you just trust the
process, you’re going to turn out fine.
Here are a few ways in which you can get over
someone and move on from them entirely.

1. Trust the Process

Too often, a lot of people will try to rush the
process of trying to forget or get over someone.
This is the first big mistake that you need to
make sure you avoid as much as possible. You
shouldn’t allow yourself to get so caught up with
the results that you end up forgetting that the
process is the most important part.
Yes, you want to feel okay again. You want to
regain that sense of normalcy with your
emotional and mental health. However, you
can’t just get there by making one giant leap.
It’s sometimes going to be a slow and gradual
process that you need to orient yourself with.
This isn’t something that you can hope to
achieve in just one day or a week. For some
people, it can take even years. You just have to
be patient and trust in the process. Believe that
everything you’re going through right now is for
the betterment of your future.

2. Allow Yourself to Feel Pain

Another big mistake that people tend to make
whenever they’re trying to get over someone is
they ignore the pain. Of course, it’s good if you
don’t let your negative feelings take over your
life. It means that you have control over your
emotions and you’re not descending into
madness. However, it’s not healthy for you to
just completely ignore your feelings altogether.
You can’t afford to just pretend that your
feelings aren’t there. You need to address that
they’re real for you to get over them.

Yes, this might be a very uncomfortable aspect
of the process. However, it’s a necessary one.
No one ever likes to have to deal with negative
emotions like sadness, anger, or regret. But you
can’t expect these uncomfortable feelings to go
away on their own. You need to acknowledge
that they are there and come to terms with
them. This is the only real way that you would
ever be able to address your feelings healthily
and maturely.

3. Assess Your Relationship Honestly

Sometimes, people will make the mistake of just
focusing on the good parts of a failed
relationship. Don’t view your relationship with
rose-colored lenses. It becomes a lot easier to
move on from a failed relationship when you
look at things through a clearer and more
honest lens. Your relationship was problematic
and that’s why it failed. Stop deluding yourself
into thinking that everything was perfect and
you’re missing out on all of that perfection.

4. Deal with Your Grief in a Healthy Manner

It was previously mentioned that you need to
confront your feelings and be honest with
yourself about them. However, this can be a
very dangerous part of the process as some
people tend to let their feelings get the best of
them. Sometimes, people will resort to tantrums
or other lesser forms of destructive behavior.
Although, it can get a lot more serious when
people devolve into developing addictions or
other more serious forms of self-destruction.

If you address your grief, you must deal with it
constructively. Don’t be afraid of letting your
anger out more healthily.

5. Write Your Feelings Down

It helps to take the time to write your feelings
down. You don’t even have to be a good writer.
Don’t worry so much about grammar or syntax.
Rather, focus on authenticity and honesty. You
need to address your feelings honestly if you’re
going to address them. Sometimes, as a
method of coping, we will ignore or suppress
certain emotions deep down inside us. This can
be very problematic as these unaddressed
feelings can cause some serious trouble to a
person’s psyche.

So, just take the time to write these feelings
down and come to terms with them. This is
going to allow you to gain some sense of power
over these feelings so that they won’t end up
overpowering you in the end. Also, writing can
be a very therapeutic form of release.

6. Isolate Yourself from Your Ex

You need to make sure that you isolate yourself
from the person who broke your heart in the
first place. Nothing good can come from
exposing yourself to them over and over again
If they have left anything behind at your place,
then get rid of those things. You need to remove
the reminders of this person as much as

Remember that this process of moving on has
nothing to do with them. They might have been
what caused your heartache, but they have no
say in how you get to process your feelings.
That is all up to you. So, this is why you just
need to isolate yourself from them for the time
being. They shouldn’t get to influence how you
deal with your sadness and grief moving
forward. This is all up to you from this point on.

7. Focus on Yourself

The process of getting over someone is very
introspective. Contrary to popular belief, it has
very little to do with the person who broke your
heart. It has more to do with the feelings that
you have within you. This is why you must
focus on yourself throughout the entire process.
You are the priority here. It’s you who is
currently suffering. So, you have to focus on
your own needs and your happiness for you to
be okay.

To do this, you just have to make sure that you
do things that you enjoy. Do all of the things that
you are passionate about. So read lots of
books. Watch a lot of movies. Go out and
exercise. Do whatever fills your heart with joy
and happiness. Become a better human being.
Throw yourself into your career. Do whatever it
takes to bring a sense of meaning and fulfillment
into your life. If you haven’t been winning in
your relationships, at least you can win

8. When You’re Ready, Jump Back into the
Dating Pool

Now, you must take your time with this one.
Don’t be so eager to just rebound with someone
else. That’s not a healthy way of processing
your feelings and it definitely wouldn’t be fair to
the person you’re rebounding with. Before you
jump into any kind of relationship with someone
else, you need to make sure that you are in the
right emotional and mental state to do so.
Although, once you feel like you’re ready, then
you shouldn’t be afraid of seeing other people
again. Don’t let the negative experience of your
previous relationship taint your idea of love and
romance forever. Ultimately, you still deserve to
be loved. And you deserve to find happiness in
love with someone else. You have to convince
yourself of this fact. It’s okay for you to want to
pursue a relationship with another person once
you’re ready to do so. This will also serve as a
great test for whether you’ve moved on from
your ex or not.

9. Let Time Run Its Course

Ultimately, as cliché, as it sounds. Time does
heal all wounds. It may not feel like it, but
eventually, you are going to be okay. Again, it’s
going to be different for everyone. Just
because you know someone who has been
able to move on rather quickly doesn’t mean
that you should be subjecting yourself to the
same timeline. We all deal with our emotions
and process our feelings differently.

If you’re not okay now, then that’s fine. Just sit
with it for a bit and allow yourself to deal with
and process your feelings. Eventually, you are
going to wake up one day and that heavy
feeling in your heart is no longer going to be
there. On that day, you will realize that you’re
okay and that you’ve successfully put your
heartbreak behind you.

10. Ask for Help

Lastly, don’t be afraid of asking for help.
Sometimes, you can’t just do it on your own and
that’s okay. Be honest with your capabilities
and come to terms with the fact that you need
help. Sometimes, this help can come from a
friend or a loved one. Other times, it can come
from a licensed professional. Whatever the
case, there is no shame in asking for help in
addressing your emotions.


There you have it. Those are just some of the
tips that are involved in trying to get over
someone you might have once been deeply in
love with. Again, it’s not going to be an easy or
simple process. But it doesn’t have to be
completely impossible either. Just because
you’ve gone through a breakup with someone
you love doesn’t mean that your life is over.
Contrary to popular belief, there is still life after

At the end of the day, you owe it to yourself to
try to get over this person who broke your
heart. Of course, it’s not going to be simple and
no one expects you to do it quickly. You just
have to take your time and make sure that you
are taking care of yourself. More than anything,
you are the priority here and you are most
deserving of love. Sometimes, you can’t get
that love from someone else and this is when
you need to start relying on yourself.

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